Creative Advertising

Creative Advertising
Our team work closely to dream up and execute advertising campaigns for the companies that hire us. We also develop direct-mail campaigns, which usually consist of sales letters, brochures and order forms.

Our creative team includes 4 employees with various job skills. We work together closely and always find a way to stand out from the competition.


The primary objective of our team is to create a desire among the public for products and services. There is usually a positive correlation between the amount of advertising a company or organization runs and its influence on consumers, according to Stanford University. Moreover, higher amounts of advertising usually lead to higher sales or revenue. Other objectives of creative teams in small organizations or advertising agencies are building brand awareness and image. Brand awareness is the percentage of people who are aware of a particular brand. Image pertains to how the company wants to be perceived by consumers. For example, a small electronics company may want to be known in its industry for its high quality products.


Our team usually follow’s a specific process when completing our work. An advertising agency — if one is used — usually creates a proposal for a client, outlining the key tasks and associated costs. Work commences when the client approves the proposal.  The first step in the production process is creating a concept. This is a formulation of the general theme or idea of the advertising. Our copywriters then compose the script or wording for the advertisements, and our artists and graphic designers create any necessary artwork. Subsequently, an our editor proofreads the advertisement for errors and submits the final ad copy.


We  then often test our advertisements before running them on a wide-scale basis. The tests help small companies ensure that their advertising is effective. For example, a small regional company may run ads in two of their 3 or 4 markets. They may track the number of leads and sales generated by the ads. The company may also test certain components of the ad, including ad and slogan recall. Ad recall determines whether consumers remember the ads. Slogan recall measures the percentage of people who recall words or phrases from a particular slogan. The creative team may conduct focus groups or phone surveys to obtain consumer feedback for its advertising test.

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Lj and his team did an amazing job for me. They created my logo, my ad and helped me promote via the Alaska Cache, Echo News and Their website at They went way above and beyond to ensure my ad campaign succeeded. I let them do what they do and all I can say…